Jason Boehm, P.E.

Mr. Boehm serves as a Senior Engineer at Haag Engineering Co., a division of Haag Global, Inc. He provides engineering consulting and expert witness services on a variety of issues including roof and building envelope performance and damage, structural evaluations, foundation evaluations, slope stability and more. He currently teaches the Haag Certified Inspector (Residential) class as part of the Haag Education program. Prior to joining Haag, Mr. Boehm was a structural design engineer for a large engineering firm and worked primarily in the oil and gas, and mining environments designing foundations, retaining structures, and steel and concrete support systems.

Primary Areas of Consulting

  • Structural Evaluations
    Residential, industrial and commercial buildings 
    Oil and gas (modules, refineries)
    Mining operations/equipment
    Tank foundation design 
    Seismic design
    Wind damage 
    Flood/surge damage
    Fire damage
  • Geotechnical Evaluations 
    Foundation and wall failures 
    Slope stability
  • Roofing Systems 
    Quality of manufacturing and installation 
    Code and extent of damage (e.g. wind, hail, and mechanical damage) 
    Code issues
  • General Civil Engineering 
    Building code compliance 
    Appraisals and cost evaluation
Licensed Professional Engineer in the States of:
California, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, and South Dakota.


  • HCI Commercial and Residential Inspection
  • MSHA Mine Hazard Safety Certification (expired)
  • Wyoming/Montana Safety Council Certification (expired)

College Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering
    University of California, San Diego

Testimony history available upon request.

Denver, CO 80207 * 800-527-0168 * HaagEngineering.com