Brian J. Churchwell, P.E., C.F.I., C.F.E.I.

Fire Investigator/Electrical Engineer

Brian J. Churchwell P.E., C.F.I., C.F.E.I.

Fire Investigator/Electrical Engineer

A certified fire investigator and electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience in forensic investigation. Qualified in an expert capacity in multiple states. Brian has personally investigated over 2,000 fires, explosions and incidents involving electrical malfunctions, faults, failures, and electrocutions.

Primary Areas of Consulting

  • Origin and Cause of Fires/Explosions
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Certificate Number 9127-3925 - March 2003
  • National Board of Fire Service Professional Qualifications–Fire Investigator, Certificate #224164-, October 3, 2005
  • International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc., CFI, Number 01-110, October 24, 2005
  • Professional Engineer, Registration No. 70948 - January 2006
  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Ohio Northern University 2001
  • University of Akron, Spring 2005
    • Fire Codes & Standards
    • Fire & Safety Issues for Business & Industry
  • University of Akron, Fall 2003
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems I
  • University of Akron, Spring 2003
    • Fire Investigating Methods
    • Fire Safety in Building Design and Construction
  • Member, Order of the Engineer
  • International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc.
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • National Association of Fire Investigators
  • Electrical Engineering Program Working Group, Ohio Northern University- February 2006
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Ohio Society of Professional Engineers
  • National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators

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