Haag Engineers are experienced energy-industry forensic investigators. We determine the cause of failure, and extent of damage to, a wide range of energy and oil & gas-related machinery, including drilling rigs and equipment, compressors, pumps, piping and valves, cooling systems, cranes and other lifting devices, trucks and transportation equipment, earthmovers, and conveyors.

For certain types of energy failures, we have a metallurgist on staff to analyze failed components, weld quality and performance, and corrosion. Our staff includes not only experienced Professionally-Licensed Engineers, but a Texas-Licensed Attorney, and several Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators, and a Certified Welding Inspector.

Additionally, Haag professionals conduct evaluations to determine whether damaged equipment is economically repairable or should be replaced.

Haag’s energy-related work includes
oil and gas

  • Pipeline Failures
  • Drilling Rigs and Equipment
  • Fire and Explosions
  • Heavy Equipment Evaluations
  • Valves and Other Equipment
  • Component-related Failure Assessments
  • Industrial Accident and Explosion Evaluations
  • Vehicle Accidents and Investigations

To find the right Haag Engineer for your energy or oil and gas-related assignment, contact us here or call 800-635-0116 or 281-313-9700