Mechanical and Metallurgical


Vehicle accident detailHaag mechanical engineers and consultants determine causes of failures and damage to a wide range of mechanical equipment — large industrial machinery, steam and gas turbines, boilers, heating and cooling systems, cranes and other lifting devices, earthmoving and mining equipment, conveyors, manufacturing equipment, pumps, compressors, piping systems, motor vehicles, and even small home or office appliances. They are authorities in the specialized testing that may be required and are expert at designing testing programs or equipment that may be needed to aid the forensic analysis. For certain types of mechanical failures, work with our staff metallurgist to analyze failed components. 

Haag’s vehicle accident investigation unit examines ac­cident scenes and the involved vehicles in order to determine the series of events that occurred during a motor vehicle accident, and if necessary, reconstruct vehicular motion just prior, during, and after a collision. Our engineers also can determine whether mechanical failures contributed to or caused a vehicular accident. 

Our mechanical engineering and metallurgical staff also assess the performance, design, and installation of mechanical systems. We provide Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling analysis, offering insight into the effects of time or delay back-charges in a construction schedule. Additionally, Haag professionals conduct evaluations to determine whether damaged equipment is repairable at reasonable cost or should be replaced.

Haag’s mechanical engineering and metallurgical work includes
  • Product Failure Analysis
  • Mechanical Equipment Damage Evaluations
  • Heavy Equipment Evaluations
  • Crane & Lift Accident Evaluations
  • Component-related Failure Assessments
  • Industrial Accident and Explosion Evaluations
  • Vehicle Accidents and Investigations
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