Construction Defects

Haag engineers and consultants have extensive experience related to construction defects and related subrogation. We provide expert witness and litigation support to both plaintiff and defense in construction defect lawsuits. We examine the project site, identify defects, review designs, specifications, applicable codes, standards, and other pertinent documents, and establish cause(s) of defects as well as duties and responsibilities of involved parties. 

Moisture in siding

Among other reasons/causes, Haag Engineers will determine whether construction defects were caused by improper design or code violations; by use of improper materials; and/or by defective workmanship, improper installation or lack of supervision/skilled labor.

Our Engineers are highly educated, experienced, and trained through coursework and practical experience acquired and passed down over the last 90+ years. We also have an experienced staff of construction consultants with expertise in repair scope development, cost estimating and scheduling impacts, among others. For large projects, Haag can utilize non-intrusive laser imagery and 360 degree photography for accurate and irrefutable documentation and court exhibits.

Haag’s Construction Consultants will examine and scope the extent of a suspected construction defect. We provide the photo documentation, critical damage analysis and accounting to accurately present the facts. But that is just the beginning. Haag experts are renowned not only for the accuracy of their information but also for the compelling manner in which they are able to communicate it.

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