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Haag Welcomes David Ey, P.E., new Civil Engineer in Chicago!

Haag Welcomes David Ey, P.E., new Civil Engineer in Chicago!

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Jim Wiethorn featured in Nat'l Law Journal for "brilliant" expert witness work


The National Law Journal asked readers "to nominate litigators who prevailed during 2012 before a bench or jury trial. It helped if they had overcome tough odds and high financial stakes or a principle or precedent was at risk. We hereby share the five tales we liked the best."

The attached article, "Attorney Cleared Crane Owner in Deadly Collapse",  was featured as one of the 5 winning articles. Haag Engineering's Jim Wiethorn testified as an expert witness during the trial.

"There were other key moments, including Lankler’s selection and preparation of a “winning” expert witness named Jim Wiethorn. “A successful case can hinge on finding the right expert,” Shechtman said. In this case, the prosecution’s expert had been involved in only two cases, including Lomma’s, while Wiethorn had a whopping 600 under his belt.

“Our expert made it clear that it was operator error and not Lomma’s negligence that caused the accident. It was some of the most brilliant testimony I’ve ever heard, and I have no doubt it contributed to our victory.”

Natl Law Journal

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