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Haag Welcomes Andy Massingill, P.E., Mechanical Engineer in Dallas & New Corp Office Location!

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Residence with Ground Subsidence Damage

Residence with Ground Subsidence Damage

A dwelling in Florida has experienced significant damage to interior and exterior walls and finishes due to suspected ground subsidence.

Haag performed a structural inspection and geotechnical subsurface exploration at a single-family residence due to reported crack formation and separation between walls and ceilings. The residence was located in an area of Florida prone to sinkholes. We considered whether damage could have resulted from dissolution of underlying limestone and soil raveling associated with sinkhole activity. Exploration of the property through soil borings and shallow excavations revealed shallow clay soils. Our borings also detected much of the property contained deleterious fill materials consisting of household waste and construction debris. Laboratory testing of sampled soils revealed moisture-sensitive and highly-expansive soils. Site exploration, laboratory testing and engineering analysis of the property provided sufficient information to discount sinkhole activity and establish the cause of damage as ground subsidence from settlement of deleterious fill soils and cyclic fluctuations from highly plastic shrink/swell clays.   

Associated Consultant / Engineer:

George J. Stepanchak, P.E.

George J. Stepanchak, P.E.
Engineer, Geotechnical Manager
Primary Areas of Consulting Geotechnical EvaluationsCommercial, Residential and IndustrialSinkhole explorationsSoil settlementSoft ear...

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