Haag Welcomes Andy Massingill, P.E., Mechanical Engineer in Da...

Haag Welcomes Andy Massingill, P.E., Mechanical Engineer in Dallas & New Corp Office Location!

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Ground Surface Dropout at Residence

Ground Surface Dropout at Residence

During a site stabilization, a surface dropout occurred below the residential structure causing additional damage to the foundation and walls.

Haag performed a geotechnical subsurface evaluation of a residence related to possible sinkhole activity. Our study of the property involved exploratory drilling and sampling, shallow excavation, a geophysical survey and laboratory testing. Our findings revealed highly weathered limestone at depth, and formed cavities and voids from soil raveling associated with sinkhole activity. Haag recommended a program of deep compaction grouting and shallow chemical grouting to stabilize the building pad. During stabilization, several surface dropouts occurred. Haag quickly responded to stabilize the ground and residential structure. We filled voids below the foundation and slab with a cement slurry and rapidly implemented a grouting program to treat raveled soils and limit property damage.

Associated Consultant / Engineer:

George J. Stepanchak, P.E.

George J. Stepanchak, P.E.
Engineer, Geotechnical Manager
Primary Areas of Consulting Geotechnical EvaluationsCommercial, Residential and IndustrialSinkhole explorationsSoil settlementSoft ear...

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